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Sr.DEE/TRO Office,Central Railway,Nagpur
TRO Branch in this Division has become functional in the year 1989. New Delhi - Madras Grand Trunk express (2616 UP) was worked with AC electric locomotive on 11.09.1989 from Nagpur to Madras which was the first Mail Express train run on AC traction on Nagpur Division.
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A diamond crossing is made when two tracks cross each other at an angle, that is not 90. It can be formed by just two sets of independent tracks. But that is not really considered as a true diamond crossing. A true diamond crossing is formed when two sets of parallel tracks cross yet another pair of parallel tracks.

As far as we know, there is only one such (true) diamond crossing in India and that is in Nagpur. Nagpur station orientation is East-West. It has a good yards south of the passenger platforms. The goods train tracks have connections to the mainline track on the East-West route, and they have to cross them to join the North-South mainline. This forms the diamond crossing.

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